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The Women’s Leadership Institute is an organization established to advance and improve the personal, economic and professional status of women. Activities and programs are designed to engage women in development initiatives to attract, develop, retain and promote talented women seeking leadership development or enhancement. We connect women across industries and demographics to help women address their most important leadership issues.

A resource group of women leaders was convened to guide the production of our first conference March 25, 2017 in recognition of Women’s History Month. Through consultation and research 10 topics were identified as having crucial impact on leadership development. The topics were discussed and elaborated upon during panel discussions by senior level women leaders, who shared their personal journeys of career advancement, highlighting how they acquired the required acumen needed to foster forward movement.

Our work empowers women to produce unprecedented results and to sustain these changes. Our purpose in focusing on women leadership development is based on our belief that exponentially increasing the number and quality of women’s leaders improves our ability to innovate, collaborate and increase effective performance of those who hold or aspires to hold leadership positions.

We understand that investing in leadership development for women is essential for social change now and for the future. 


The mission of the Women’s Leadership Institute is to raise the visibility and number of women leaders.

The mission of the WLI is expressed through its five primary objectives:


Promote the advancement of women, through their careers, organization and personal lives as leaders.


Increase the number of women who serve in leadership positions in all industries.


Increase the visibility and inclusion of women on Boards of Directors.


Develop a membership component in effort to develop an available competent and robust pipeline of women leaders.


Publish relevant information about trends and resources impacting women’s leadership development.

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