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Leadership is one mindful decision after another

In the days of digital technology where everything moves at breakneck speed, leaders are faced with the challenge of keeping up with changes, whether it’s within the organization or on a macro level in an external environment.


Everything is about practice, even leadership

Leadership is both a science and an art: hence like any learnable skill, it can be sharpened through consistent practice and perseverance.

Malcolm Gladwell once said that elite performers and those who rise to the top of their game have spent roughly 10,000 hours at their craft. The committed efforts come as part of the process toward excellence.

Many individuals have had to persevere through the pain of learning, unlearning and relearning before emerging as great leaders in their field.


Discover and curate your leadership style

There is no model of leadership that can fit perfectly and be applied across all organizations, communities and cultures. The best leaders are aware of their own style of leadership and are able to adapt this style to put it into effective practice.

In a world saturated with media spotlights on high profile leaders. It is common for us to fall into the trap of thinking that great leaders are razor-sharp, extroverted and outspoken figures.


When leaders are well acquainted and comfortable with their own style, they unintentionally extend the same feeling of ease to their followers and this enables everyone to perform at their natural best.


Practice makes purpose, not perfect

Leaders are not built in a day and excellence is not achieved over night. The road to success is often paved with challenges and difficulties that will tempt us to give up, raise the white flag and retreat to our comfort zone where it’s nice and safe. Uncertainty shakes us off our trajectory sometimes, thus for any leader to keep to her goals is no easy feat. The goal is not perfection but to find purpose. Clarity of the ultimate goal is what keeps us from giving up.  A leader with a clear raison d’etre will likely be the one who sees things through to the end.



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