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Kim is the new VP of Program Development and Operations at NPower who’s mission is to create pathways to economic prosperity by launching digital careers for young adults, military veterans and veterans spouses.  She is responsible for leading the programmatic direction and strategic growth agenda for impact and expansion.  This includes managing the regional locations across the country and supporting the Executive Directors to achieve best-in-class outcomes, drive operational excellence and lead the  creation and refinement of systems, processes & practices for recruitment, curriculum development, instruction and  placement.  


Kim is a seasoned professional with decades of leadership experience in Philanthropy, Human Resources, Consulting and Diversity & Inclusion while at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Xerox Corporation.  As the former Northeast Region Executive for JPMorgan Chase Foundation, Kim led philanthropic, civic and employee engagement activities and managed a social investment portfolio of over $40 million in grants and strategic sponsorships.  


Given this unique blend of experience, Kim is recognized for her expertise and proven record in leading high profile projects, building and leading high performing teams and advising senior business and community leaders on integrating organizational assets to achieve business and community outcomes.   Her work in corporate diversity has been a valuable asset in service to the nonprofit sector.  As funder and thought partner Kim has worked with organizations fighting housing, education and economic inequality to help identify solutions at the organizational, policy and systems level.


Prior to joining NPower, Kim served as Senior Fellow at the Support Center providing consulting services in capacity building, strategic planning, diversity and inclusion, team building, board development and philanthropic advising. 


Kim currently serves on the National Board of Directors of Jumpstart for Young Children, leading their diversity and inclusion strategy, Board of Directors for the Center for Children’s Initiatives (CCI), and advisory committees for FirstStep NYC and The Educational Alliance College Access & Success Program.  An important voice and business champion for strong early learning systems, Kim also has deep content knowledge and is a noted public speaker on educational and economic equity, community revitalization, and strategic philanthropy.  She is featured in Winning Beginning NY’s videos, “Its Our Business” and “What is Quality StarsNY” on early childhood education, and delivered testimony to the New York State Education Reform Commission.


A graduate of Lake Forest College in Illinois with a B.A. in Urban Studies, Kim enjoys building and working with teams that have a thirst to learn, compulsion to share, and a bias for action (Jack Welch).



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