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Tips to enhance leadership skills: How to develop a supportive network!

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Give More, Take Less:

Planting the correct seeds to grow your business network is paramount to success! Networking is about opening yourself up and getting to know other people. Try to be the attentive 'Giver', speak less and listen more while thinking of ways to help support your potential contact, instead of how to immediately build yourself. Allow others to remain the focus of conversation. When you hear others speak about their business, think about the people you may know that may benefit from what they have to offer, The moniker of 'Giver' was conferred by the Wharton School of Business youngest tenured professor, Adam Grant.” “Grant combines storytelling, case studies, and research to present a compelling argument between “The Giver, The Taker & The Matcher'”. Grant goes into detail how 'The Giver' is far superior and effective than any other element in creating a supportive network. Ask yourself which type are you?

Be Strategic:

Forge a network centered on your career goals and ambitions. Be strategic about what organizations and events you attend. Make sure you network with the right people that are aligned to your goals. As you build a personal connection, business opportunities often present themselves. Spend time meeting people who can benefit from you, understanding how you can assist others is fundamental. Bring value, position yourself as highly effective and useful to gain influence. All throughout society you will see people respond better to people when they feel that you are truly attentive to them. Be curious.

Be Proactive:

Waiting too long to reconnect, is the least beneficial thing you can do! Procrastination is the antithesis to progress. If you wait until you need someone’s assistance you may find that they may no longer have access to the resources that you require. All relationships require attention and maintenance to flourish and grow. Get to know your network and use your time wisely by focusing on nurturing the correct relationships, so when you need to call on them in the future you are okay with pursuing help.

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