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Thoughts for the New Year

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Now that we are a few days in the new year, most leaders are busy thinking about organizational goals. The Women’s Leadership Institute Team encourages you to be intentional in following the recommendations below to maximize your leadership potential to take your influence to greater heights during this new year.

Serve a higher purpose than yourself:

It is essential that you know why you are putting time and effort into your chosen leadership activities. Once you have identified the higher purpose you serve, you will become better able to operate as a confident, knowledgeable and empowering leader for others. Are you empowered to refine your leadership skills because you want to cause positive change?

Develop a positive vision:

A vision is the description of your clear mental picture of the future. Leaders with a clear vision coupled with a belief that the vision can be realized will usually meet expectations.

Set goals and take actions daily to turn the vision into a reality:

Leaders with a positive vision set goals and then take daily actions needed to turn the vision and goals into reality.

Understand your strengths and Use them:

Leaders are not born with everything they need to succeed. It takes time and effort to develop leadership skills. One of the best ways to do this is to examine your strengths and weaknesses. Once you recognize your innate gifts and stronger skills, you can put them to work for you. Knowing your weaknesses give you some areas for improvement, and addressing your shortcomings will help you grow as well.


Listen and demonstrate to your team that you value their input and ideas.

Expect innovation:

For an organization’s brand to prosper, innovation and continuous improvement needs to be everyone’s responsibility. Every team member should be encouraged to provide constructive feedback and participation in brainstorming, complete with performance goals for each area of influence.

Practice patience:

Take a lesson from the best golfers; everyone needs a mulligan (do over) once in a while. Allow people to learn from their mistakes.

Convey gratitude:

When you are a grateful leader, it is much easier to see the good in others and provide ample praise and recognition where it is due. Remember, gratitude builds relationships.

Be focused and forgiving:

When a member of the team needs performance improvement a focused leader concentrates on resolving the problem by exploring two areas- 1) Where do we need to be?  2)What actions can we take to improve the situation and get the results we need expeditiously?

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